2017 Annual Report

 Gardens for Health is at an Exciting Inflection Point

We are improving nutrition and health outcomes for more than 2,000 families annually, and seeing evidence that our impact extends far beyond our direct engagement. At the same time, we are taking what we have learned and sharing it with government, NGO and private sector stakeholders who are looking to improve nutrition outcomes, scaling key elements of our model across Rwanda. We believe that through our combination of deep community-based work, a rigorous commitment to constant evaluation of and iteration in our work, and a thoughtful approach to sharing key components of our model we can continue to improve nutrition outcomes throughout Rwanda and ultimately across the globe.

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As we head into the end of the year, we are so thankful for the community of supporters and advocates that help spread our message farther than we ever could alone. We hope that you enjoy reading our 2017 Annual Report and reach out to info@gardensforhealth.org with any feedback or questions! Turi Kumwe.