Preventing Malnutrition Before It Begins


The nutrition of a child during pregnancy and infancy has lifelong effects on their development. That’s why we work with pregnant women to ensure that they, and their growing babies, are properly nourished. When women lack key nutrients during pregnancy they can become anemic and their babies are more likely to have developmental delays or be born prematurely. This year, we are expanding our program to enroll twice as many pregnant women compared to last year. Our antenatal care curriculum includes key nutrition topics such as how to prepare a balanced meal plus other topics specific to expecting mothers such as the importance of attending prenatal check-ups and breast feeding best practices. By educating mothers with this critical knowledge, we hope to prevent child malnutrition before it even begins. Watch Fortunée, a recent GHI graduate, share what she learned from our antenatal care curriculum.

The best way to eliminate malnutrition is to prevent it in the first place.