2018 Year In Review


This year, we delivered agriculture, nutrition and health trainings to a record setting 4,919 mothers and farmers.


This year, we expanded our maternal health program, doubling the number of pregnant women we reached and allowing us to prevent child malnutrition before it begins.


This year, we committed to local leadership by promoting Solomon Makuza to the position of Executive Director, marking an exciting new chapter for us.


This year, we tested new farming practices and vegetables varieties on our farm in order to improve our agriculture curriculum.


This year, we surveyed graduates of our program from last year, two years ago, and even four years ago to see how our program impacted their lives and how we can continue to better serve them.


This year, we taught teachers at over 100 primary schools how to educate their 83,000 students on key nutrition and health topics.


This year, our staff shared their time and generosity to help 339 of the most vulnerable families in our programs. Through our Turikumwe Fund, we helped Claudine move out of a crumbling wooden shack into a cement house where she and her twin babies can be safe and healthy.


This year, we served refugee families in Mahama and Kigeme camps and, as we always do, we danced to celebrate our accomplishments.