Government Partners


We believe that integration into existing systems creates effective, sustained change. That is why our core program works in direct partnership with government Health Centers and why we partner with the Government of Rwanda to meet our shared goal of reducing childhood malnutrition.

In Musanze District, where the majority of our program is focused, our work is fully integrated into the district-level efforts to reduce malnutrition. Within the District Plan to Eliminate Malnutrition (DPEM) we are listed as a key nutrition partner with our Child Nutrition Program written directly into the action plan.

At the national level, we work closely with both the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) and sit on the technical working groups of each ministry.

Additionally, our “One Pot One Hour” model for nutrition behavior change was integrated into the Government of Rwanda’s first 1,000 days campaign, and all 44,000 Community Health Workers were trained in this model. Additionally we continue to contribute to the national guidelines on kitchen gardens alongside the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI).