Maternal Nutrition Program


Maternal Nutrition Program

The nutritional status of a woman before and during pregnancy is critical for healthy pregnancy outcomes including the nutritional status of her child. Maternal undernutrition contributes to 800,000 neonatal deaths annually and is a risk factor for fetal growth restriction, which is associated with a substantial increased risk of stunting at 24 months of age. The first 1,000 days of life, between conception and age two offer a critical window of opportunity to establish a lasting foundation for health through adequate nutrition.  

GHI recognizes the importance of targeting pregnant women to receive critical health and nutrition education that can improve the health of both the mother and developing child to prevent malnutrition.

Our Maternal Nutrition curriculum is designed to improve access to full prenatal care while also addressing the factors that can contribute to malnutrition. We cover topics like the importance of prenatal visits; how to shop for healthy, affordable foods; how to create a balanced meal; why hygiene and food safety are important to preventing malnutrition; the importance of the timely introduction of breastfeeding and complementary feeding; and postnatal care.

I started applying some of the things I learned from the trainings and the baby was born healthy, which made me feel so happy.
— Nyirababiligi Violette, Program Graduate Summer 2017