Private Sector


In partnership with Kate Spade New York, GHI supports artisans at the the Abahizi Dushyigikirane Ltd. (ADC) Factory factory in Masoro, Rwanda. The factory employs women from local communities in Rwanda to work as artisans. ADC is a women-owned business made where members of the cooperative own shares in the company. This social enterprise is committed to empowering its employees by providing bi- weekly life skills trainings and employing over 200 women in a community where opportunities for women to gain full-time employment are almost non-existent.

Beginning in 2017, we worked closely with ADC in developing the program to incorporate cooking demonstrations, health, and nutrition lessons into their life skills trainings. After becoming more aware of the importance of proper nutrition, concerns rose internally about workers not eating an adequate diet to support their health and dietary needs. Through this realization, the vision to create a nutrition-sensitive garden next to the factory was born. The garden would serve to support healthy diets and improve the wellbeing of ADC factory workers. In addition, the garden could  generate income for the cooperative by selling excess produce and the women could use the garden space to learn how to start their own home gardens and improve the nutrition of their families.

Through this partnership we have been able to improve nutrition outcomes for women at the ADC factory, for their families, and for their community.