About Us


The Problem

The majority of the world’s poor are farmers, yet millions are malnourished. In rural Rwanda, this disconnect between agriculture and nutrition is striking: 88% of the population grows food for a living, yet 38% of young children are chronically malnourished. This simple concept, that food alone does not equal good nutrition, is at the heart of our mission.

The Solution

To tackle the root causes of malnutrition, we equip families with seeds, skills, and knowledge to create vegetable gardens, prepare balanced meals, and keep children healthy. Transformative impact is possible by investing in the nutrition of mothers and young children, well-nourished children get sick less often, perform better in school, and are more likely to escape poverty.

About Us

Our roots are in Rwanda. For over a decade, Gardens for Health International has been working hand-in-hand with local communities to end chronic malnutrition. Our innovative curriculum on agriculture, nutrition and health topics was designed in partnership with local mothers, our trainings are led by talented educators who come directly from the communities they serve, and our dedicated staff is over 90% Rwandan.

We believe in changing systems, not treating symptoms. Integrating agriculture and nutrition into the health system is the only sustainable solution to effectively treat and prevent malnutrition. We work in close partnership with the Government of Rwanda by teaming up with community health workers, delivering trainings at local health clinics, and advising policy.